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Asset Management

Investment Management from an Experienced Team

Seelaus Asset Management, LLC is a SEC-registered, fee-based investment adviser specializing in fixed income, equity portfolio management and investment strategies.  As a nationally certified women’s business enterprise (WBE/WBENC), we are a strong partner for clients who seek diversity, a high level of expertise and a commitment to excellence in customer service.

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An Investment Solution for Every Goal

Investing With Impact

GEM Equity Strategy   

Gender Equality Matters - Our investment team has created a proprietary model portfolio of companies that have proven to champion women in leadership roles.  We believe that a high degree of gender diversity is closely correlated to long term health and performance of a company.  The Seelaus Asset Management differentiator is in our active management style. We identify and invest in companies, some of which are not in other indices, led by women or whose management teams have strong representation by women that we believe represent attractive long-term investment opportunities.

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Please note that as of February 2021, Christina Goulding, a speaker in this webinar, is no longer with the firm. The rest of the webinar information remains true and accurate.


Support Housing Equality - The SHE MBS strategy seeks to make a positive impact by providing mortgage finance to low-income communities, rural areas, US veterans and activity military families.  Our team of experts builds a bespoke portfolio of Agency MBS bonds guaranteed by US Government and Quasi Government entities that offers investors a safe, liquid and customizable high-quality investment alternative.  In addition to capitalizing on a sound investment opportunity, this strategy provides a significant societal impact by choosing securities backed by specific lending programs designed to provide affordable housing financing for families considered low-income, rural and/or veterans/active military, as well as homeowners who have struggled to stay current on their mortgage and had their mortgage modified in an effort to keep them in their homes. Click here to watch SHE Strategy Overview

Our Philosophy

Our investing philosophy is straightforward. We believe that asset allocation is the most important investment decision and that disciplined risk management leads to superior returns over time.

The experienced portfolio management team is committed to high-touch service for every client and offers unparalleled market knowledge.  Meeting the investment objectives of our clients requires a nimble approach, expertise in each asset class and ability to extract relative value.  Managing the downside in any portfolio is equally important to realizing the upside.  Our approach provides crucial flexibility in today’s global markets.  Seelaus Asset Management benefits from the affiliation with Seelaus’ broker-dealer business, which brings additional scale, strength and resources. 

Seelaus serves high-net-worth individuals, financial advisors, family offices, pension plans, foundations and other institutional investors. We offer a full range of investment services, from tailored portfolio construction to our automated, low-cost ETF platform. Significantly, as your assets grow and planning becomes more complex, Seelaus can meet your changing needs.

We manage assets and strategies across several categories including 

* Fixed Income
* Mortgage Backed Securities
* Intermediate Municipal Bonds
* Equities 

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Pension Funds, Endowments and Foundations

Strategy and Portfolio Construction
The cornerstone of any partnership starts with the Seelaus team understanding an organization’s mission, values, resources and financial objectives, as well as the community it serves.  The team identifies ways to further these objectives, developing a tailored investment approach to meet the organization’s goals and partnering where possible, on community based initiatives. 

Developing the investment strategy is a multi-step process.  The Seelaus team establishes a strong understanding of the organization’s financial needs from both a long and short term perspective.  With these financial needs in mind, an investment strategy is formulated and discussed to address topics including risk tolerance, asset allocation, liquidity parameters, duration and market considerations.  Creating an investment policy statement enables future members of the organization to understand the investment strategy and continue productive dialogue with the Seelaus team, an important source of continuity within Board and Investment Committee term cycles.

The portfolio construction process is rigorous with top-down and bottom-up fundamental market analysis determining overall portfolio positioning.  The investment team identifies opportunities to generate Alpha, using self-generated ideas and research as well as longstanding sell-side relationships.  We view asset allocation as the key to performance and realize the necessity for critical reassessment of investments and high-touch portfolio management.

Impact Investing
Impact investing exemplifies the idea that investors can “do well while doing good” within their investment portfolios.  The impact investing market offers diverse and viable opportunities for investors to advance social and environmental solutions through investments that also produce financial returns.  For foundations, this presents an exciting connection to link core social and/or environmental mission goals while maintaining or growing their overall endowment. 

As a sector, impact investing has experienced strong growth driven by investor demand and an increasingly diverse availability of investment products.  The Global Impact Investors Network (GIIN) estimates in their latest annual survey that there is now approximately $228bn in impact investing assets, roughly double from the prior year.  Considering the addition of impact investing to an investment strategy merits thoughtful analysis and discussion.       

Private Client Services

From wealth management to retirement and financial planning services, Seelaus is a full-service partner helping clients achieve their most cherished goals.  Working with individuals, families and businesses we provide expertise and our high-touch service in the following areas:

* Estate and Wealth Planning
* Education Savings Planning
* Tax Advantaged Strategies
* Insurance Products
* Charitable Giving
* Elder Care 

Our History

Founded in 2009, Seelaus Asset Management has grown in part through the acquisitions of Granite Springs Asset Management, LLC and Sunnymeath Asset Management, Inc.  In 2013, Seelaus Asset Management became a wholly owned subsidiary of R. Seelaus & Co., Inc, a full-service broker dealer and fixed income specialist founded in 1984 in Summit, NJ.

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