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Our Mission

Our Clients

Your Partner in Success.
At Seelaus, we believe all things can be done with impact and investing is no exception. We take great pride in being a value-add partner to our clients in the financial markets as well as a helping them achieve their DEI and Impact Investing goals without concession. 

For our individual clients, we carefully consider every aspect of your life, finances and investments and develop a plan to help you achieve your growth and income goals while building a portfolio that is aligned with your values.  

For our institutional clients, we strive first and foremost to lead with value in providing consistent liquidity, trade ideas, and access to the primary and secondary markets across asset classes while at the same time helping you achieve your DEI and Impact Investment goals.  

Women in Finance

An Advocate for Women in Finance.

We are passionate about creating more opportunities for women in the financial sector both internally and broadly within the industry.  We offer a flexible working environment that encourages work/life balance, and actively seeks out and encourages women to re-enter the workforce.   We are committed to educating young women about the opportunity in the financial services and building a pipeline of talent into the industry.  We also work closely with our clients on their gender equality initiatives hoping to work towards collective action and simple scalable solutions. 

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Our Community Partners

Empowering Women in the Community.

Our volunteer and philanthropic efforts are focused on helping women and girls in our community reach their full potential. We support local and national community organizations that share our mission.

WBE Rock Stars

Women-Owned Businesses we support