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Seelaus Impact
Investment Strategies

Combining investment expertise and a client focused approach to investment objectives with a commitment to values-based investing and driving positive social and economic change

At Seelaus our high touch, active management, creative approach to impact investing ensures our clients can create an investment portfolio that aligns with their impact objectives without sacrificing performance, liquidity, or risk tolerance.   We offer several different Seelaus Asset Management impact investing strategies and can also tailor a portfolio to meet a client’s specific needs.   Our portfolio management team has built a simple and scalable approach to impact investing that suits investors of any size or investment objective.

Double Impact

Women owned firms are critically underrepresented in the global asset management industry, as are women hedge fund managers, mutual fund managers, and portfolio managers.   At Seelaus, we believe that supporting Diversity and Inclusion firms is about providing access to underrepresented groups, not about concession. 

Importance of Investing with a WBE

* Showcase commitment to diversity & inclusion and meet annual WBE participation goals.

*  Reapportion existing wallet to drive impact.

*  There is overwhelming evidence that diversity at every level of investment correlates to better execution and returns.

*  The pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on women as they exit the workforce at a significant multiple to men to meet the new challenges COVID-19 has presented. We must take action to ensure we do not lose a key demographic that drives economic growth and productivity.








GEM Equity Strategy

Gender Equality Matters”


An actively managed equity strategy focused on investing in companies that are both industry leaders within their sectors and in promoting gender diversity within their boards of directors and management teams. The strategy’s proprietary portfolio of individually chosen companies represents a broad range of economic sectors while screening for environmental factors and thus excluding some energy and utility names. The strategy targets companies with approximately 30% female board representation and over 20% senior executive representation.

Why GEM? GEM offers investors a way to express the view that a high degree of gender diversity is closely correlated to long term health and performance of a company.

SHE MBS Strategy

“Support Housing Equality”


SHE is an Impact Agency MBS strategy is a short duration high quality bond strategy that invests in government supported Agency MBS through securities guaranteed by either; Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or Ginnie Mae (aka the GSEs). The portfolio composition consists of different types of Agency MBS bonds and targets a short duration investment profile. The asset selection focusing on Impact Agency MBS bonds which are securities where the underlying loans were underwritten through a specific GSE program that targets one of the following themes for a refinance and/or home purchase:


* Low-and moderate-income borrowers

* Rural Communities

* Active and retired military

* Underwater homeowners

* Foreclosure prevention


Why SHE? The SHE MBS strategy offers investors the opportunity to invest in a highly liquid, customizable portfolio of Agency MBS through the lens of impact.


Click here to watch a webinar outlining how it works--->


Credit Impact Strategy


High Quality Investment Grade Portfolio -  Short Duration


Long Only Investment Grade Corporate Bond Strategy with a short duration. Short duration portfolio is focused on names, issues, and maturities we believe represent strong relative value. Strategy can be customized in any fashion suitable for a client; duration, rating and issuer constraints are all flexible. The current portfolio composition reflects our bias toward lower rated credit and cyclical names. In addition, the duration reflects our view that rates will trend higher and we anticipate extending duration as rates rise. Seelaus has committed to using the fees associated with this mandate to support an internship program for young women from underrepresented demographics in the asset management industry.


To learn more about this program and meet the first group of analysts click here.--->

Get a Personalized Assessment


We can review your accounts for a complete view of your financial picture. We will then give you an investment analysis and risk assessment, and also show you how much you may be losing each year to fees.


You will be asked a series of questions so we can get a better understanding of your time horizon, risk tolerance and overall financial picture.


Based on your answers, we can match you to existing Seelaus Strategies or design a custom portfolio that is best suited for you.

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