Your Partner in Success

At R. Seelaus & Company, we take great pride in the individual service we provide each of our clients. For our individual clients, we carefully examine your current finances, develop the timelines necessary to achieve your goals, and calculate the risk you are willing to tolerate. For our institutional clients, we strive to be a true value add partner providing consistent liquidity, trade ideas, and access to the primary markets across the fixed income product space. 

An Advocate for Women and the Community

As a WBE, R. Seelaus & Co., Inc is committed to advancing the role of women in finance and in the greater community. Our goal is to provide a flexible working environment that accommodates the increasing demand for greater work/life balance and an on-ramp for women back into the workforce.

To that end, we can offer many of our clients an opportunity to meet their annual WBE and diversity firm participation goals.

Dedicated to Serving Your Needs

Knowledge is your most powerful tool when it comes to realizing your dreams. Because every investor’s needs are different, it is essential for you to understand the strengths and risks of each investment before deciding whether it is right for your portfolio.

Our specialty is in helping you achieve your goals. We do so by focusing on risk vs. reward, that age old adage that tells us “the greater the promised return, the greater the risk in achieving it.” By helping you understand this fundamental relationship, we can help you find the optimal combination of financial assets. This is what sets R. Seelaus & Company apart from other investment firms.