About Granite Springs

Granite Springs Asset Management, LLC® is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and a wholly-owned subsidiary of R. Seelaus & Company, Inc., a New Jersey-based financial services firm established in 1984.  We specialize in portfolio management and tactical ETF-based strategies.  Granite Springs delivers customized portfolios and personalized service through an investment team deeply experienced in a variety of asset classes and market environments.  We serve the needs of insurance companies, pension plans, foundations, investment advisors, and high-net-worth individual investors.  Our moderate size and singular focus on portfolio management allow us to create customized solutions that meet the investment goals, risk parameters, and liquidity needs of each of our over 200 clients.  

Introducing GAISER

Granite Springs is excited to announce the launch of the Granite Automated Investment Service, or GAISER. GAISER is the final piece of the puzzle in Granite Springs' mission to provide a solution for all investors. With only a $5,000 minimum investment requirement, low fees, and several asset allocation models to choose from, GAISER is a great place to begin your journey with Granite Springs. Our robust technology allows you to link all of your outside accounts for a complete view of your financial picture. It will create a complimentary investment analysis and risk assessment, and also show you how much you're losing each year to fees. Click here to get started!

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of Granite Springs is based on two principal beliefs: that asset allocation is paramount and that disciplined risk management leads to superior returns over time.  The common thread to all Granite Springs investment strategies is our focus on risk management.  The individual tools we employ -- credit research, yield curve analysis, quantitative and technical analysis, and relative value analysis -- all serve our primary aim of achieving our clients’ investment goals with an eye toward risk management and capital growth.

Investment Approach

Granite Springs employs a consistent, understandable, and repeatable investment approach for clients seeking exposure to a specific market segment or to meet defined portfolio objectives.  Our process is rooted in the disciplined and collaborative execution of our research, trading, and portfolio management teams.  With a variety of investing backgrounds and multiple portfolio strategies, the professionals at Granite Springs employ diverse analysis techniques, all honed over decades of working in the financial markets. 

While the Granite Springs investment process utilizes elements of top-down economic analysis to express market views for a particular time horizon, a primary component of our investment approach is risk management and bottom-up, carefully researched security selection.  Granite Springs uses credit research, yield curve analysis, quantitative/technical analysis, relative value analysis, and tactical asset allocation to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.

Understanding Our Clients

The allocation of invested assets is driven by an understanding of the client’s specific portfolio objectives and reflects time horizon, risk tolerance, and any other mandates or restrictions.  We take great care in understanding how the assets we manage fit into our client’s total portfolio needs and objectives, making sure our managed portfolios are consistent and cohesive with the client’s overall portfolio.

Emphasis on Risk-Adjusted Returns

In working to deliver competitive returns, the professionals at Granite Springs believe that avoiding or limiting losses is more important than matching an index over any given time period.   We seek to capture as much performance upside as possible, while at the same time limiting downside risk in a market turn.

The Investment Team

The investment professionals at Granite Springs Asset Management, LLC® have portfolio management expertise and extensive experience spanning more than two decades of market cycles and hail from varied backgrounds including research, trading, and portfolio management.  Meet them here.

Becoming a Client

When you decide to partner with Granite Springs, we walk you through every step of the account opening process.  Our paperwork and procedures make the process as seamless as possible.

Whether you are an experienced investor or looking to diversify, our process is simple:

  1. Investment Policy Statement
    The goal of this step is to gather basic information to help determine the suitability of each client to the portfolio management we provide. The information gathered here will help determine the investment strategy recommendations we make and the management of your account based on the specific requirements, goals and objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance you express.
  2. Investment  Strategy Recommendation
    Once the paperwork is completed, we will make an Investment Strategy Recommendation based on your specific needs, goals, and objectives. We will remain in contact through every step of the on-boarding process from when your account is funded, to when recommendations are implemented. We are always available to discuss securities holdings as well as the current state of the markets.
  3. Ongoing Monitoring & Review
    We will continue ongoing monitoring and make necessary adjustments when opportunities arise.  Investment performance will be reported to you on a quarterly basis and your investment program will be reviewed at least annually to ensure that it achieves your stated investment objectives and is within your tolerance for risk. We will continue to review changes in your financial circumstances and investment profile to maintain equilibrium with your investment objectives.

Please visit our website www.granite-springs.com to learn more!