Established by Richard Seelaus in 1984, the firm was initially a municipal bond dealer conducting business with the major trust banks of New York and Chicago.  In the nearly three decades since opening its doors, the firm has grown into a full-service financial firm, meeting the planning and investment needs of high-net-worth individuals and businesses.  
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R. Seelaus & Company, Inc. takes a truly tailored approach to every client's investment portfolio. Recognizing that our clients are our most important asset, we offer a straight forward approach, tremendous value, and a welcome respite from the large wire-house experience.  Continue reading.

Meet Richard Seelaus
Rich began his distinguished career in the investment business at the Insurance Company of North America (INA) in Philadelphia. Starting in the investment department, he quickly rose through the ranks, serving initially as a processor, then as a municipal bond trader, and eventually as a portfolio manager. In 1977, Rich left INA and spent the next 7 years working for a variety of Wall Street broker dealers, including the American Securities Corporation.  In 1984, Rich founded R. Seelaus & Co., Inc. in Summit, New Jersey. The firm started as an institutional municipal bond dealer, only to become the full-service broker dealer it is today. Along the way, Rich has worn many hats, serving as trader, salesman, compliance officer, FINRA designated financial principal and FINRA executive representative. Continue reading.
Read his Letter from the Founder here.