Investment Advisor
With over 25 years of fixed income sales experience, Tom Crowley is a seasoned veteran in the field. He began his career as an investment advisor after earning a BA degree in Economics from Montclair State College of NJ in 1989. As a representative for R. Seelaus since 1997, Tom’s focus is helping clients achieve their investment goals in an ever changing market environment.  Continue reading.

Retirement Distribution Specialist
Since graduating from Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business, Joe Felicetti has developed a specialty working with retirees and their heirs.  His practice focuses on retirement distribution strategies and estate planning.  His goal is to help retirees protect their retirement accounts from excessive taxation and avoid retirement distribution mistakes.  Continue reading.

Do you know the 5 exceptions to the
one-per-year 60-day rollover rule?

Robert Mitnick

Head of Retail Sales
As Head of the Retail Sales Department at R. Seelaus & Co., Rob oversees the individual client investment process. In addition to the timely buying and selling of bonds, Rob ensures order accuracy, proper record keeping, and compliance with regulations. With over 25 years of experience in fixed income sales, Rob operates with a keen eye toward market volatility; his approach is rooted in an ongoing quest for value. His focus is providing, consistent, reliable, high-income producing investments.

Senior Vice President
As a primary member of the Wealth Management Group for R. Seelaus & Co., Mary’s practice is focused on total portfolio management and estate planning for her clients. Continue Reading.

Watch Mary's video series, Money Matters & More!, on subjects including tax law, retirement, and the Affordable Care Act, among others.

Executive Vice President
In 1993 Paul joined R. Seelaus & Co., where today he continues to meet the financial planning and investment management needs of high-net-worth individuals, business owners and corporations. In 2003 Paul earned his CFP™ designation and now additionally consults with clients in regards to a wide array of financial matters they are faced with and need to address. Continue reading.


Financial Advisor
George joined R. Seelaus & Company in 2009, where he specializes in customizing investment solutions for individuals and their families.  Prior to joining R. Seelaus, he worked at MFS Financial Services in Boston and BlackRock Funds in New York.  While always enjoying dealing with financial firms, George decided to dedicate his investment experience to individuals rather than institutions.  Continue reading.

Financial Advisor
Raised in Summit, New Jersey, Gary is a graduate of Summit High School. He then went on to attend Colorado State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in 1973.  In 1993, he joined R. Seelaus & Co., Inc. where he continues to meet the planning and investment needs of high-net-worth individuals.  Continue reading.

Investment Adivsor
Hugh Wallschleger is an industry veteran with over 31 years of fixed income sales experience. He joined R. Seelaus & Company in 1997 and has spent the last 17 years helping clients. As a representative for R. Seelaus, Hugh’s focus is to help clients achieve investment goals with a keen eye toward risk, investment horizon, and market fluctuations. His experience combined with his understanding of bond markets makes him a valuable asset to the firm.  Continue reading.